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Tape Drive Test error - Could not set tape media parameters

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  • Tape Drive Test error - Could not set tape media parameters


    I am testing a Tandberg Data 4/8GB tape drive using Windows 2000 and BurnInTest v. 2.3.

    When I test the tape drive, it shows an error description of " Could not set tape media parameters".

    Anybody have any ideas?


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    This error appears when BurnInTest attempts to set the 'Media' paramaters for the tape in the tape drive.

    The main media paramater is the Block Size that will be used. By default the block size is 65536 bytes but BurnInTest queries the tape system to check that this is not larger than the maximum allowed for the tape being tested. If 65536 is too large, then the largest valid value is used.

    If you re-test with version 3.2 of BurnInTest there is an additional error code in the detailed error log. If you can post that error value we might be able to give you some additional information.

    Some possible errors identified by this additional code are,

    "The partition information could not be found when a tape was being loaded."

    "There is no media in the drive."

    "A reset condition was detected on the bus."

    "The media is write protected."


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      Tape Drive Test


      Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, we are still using v. 2.3. Would the eval version of 3.2 work with tape drive testing?

      Is there a way to change the block size so i can test the tape drive?


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        Yes. The eval version of BurnInTest Professional 3.2 will run the tape test but only for 15minutes at a time. You can re-install the older version at the end of the test if you want.