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Burn-in 5.2 Vista64 Application Hang

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  • Burn-in 5.2 Vista64 Application Hang

    I currently work in a test environment where we use Burn-in quite extensively and have 2 years experience with the app. We have just started using v5.2 on XP32, XP64, Vista32, and Vista64 platforms. We normally run Burn-in for 1440 minute/24 hour test intervals. With the lastest version, v5.2 Vista64, 3 out 4 of our stress tests have failed with a Burn-in hang. The OS is still intact and using Task Manager you are able to recover from the hang and return to the desktop. All the other OS's do not exhibit this problem. The logging is set to record every 30 mins. The hangs occur at 23h 30m, 19h 30m, and 22h 7m 47s (this last one I was able to view the time in the app). Not sure if the passing run would have also produced this problem if the time window were extended. Each run, the physical component configurations are different, but the result is the same (Burn-in hang). Two different config files were also used, I will list both below. Is this a bug and has anyone else seen this?

    CPU Math: 50
    CD-RW: 50
    CPU SIMD: 50
    RAM: 50
    2D Graphics: 75
    3D Graphics: 50
    Disk(s): 50
    Sound: 50

    CPU Math: 10
    CD-RW: 10
    CPU SIMD: 10
    RAM: 10
    Video: 90
    2D Graphics: 90
    3D Graphics: 90
    Disks: 10
    Sound: 10
    Network: 10

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    When BurnIntest hangs do all of the test Windows and main window remain open? Do all of the Windows appear to hang, or just the main window?

    I would first suspect a device driver, and the first one I would suspect would be the Graphics card device driver. Try reducing the test types until you have as small a set of tests as possible. This should help point to the problem. For example, I would start by dropping the 2D and 3D tests and see if the problem still occurs.

    Ian (PassMark)