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Memory Test Fail in Vista

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  • Memory Test Fail in Vista

    It will prompts error message:"Error:Access violation at 0x46911507(tried to write to 0x03E90FFC),program terminated" and "Error:Access violation at 0x00000000(tried to write to 0x00000000),program terminated." when run test in Burn-in V5.2 about 30 minutes under Vista .

    If we don't run memory test then the error disappeared .

    Test Preference as following :
    CPU Math 50
    CPU SIMD 50
    Memory 50
    3D Graphics 50
    Disk 50

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    What version of BurnInTest are you using? This is not a known problem in the latest release.

    Unless you are seeing it on several machines I would suggest that you might have a hardware problem. Bad RAM for example can cause a crash before software can actually detect the RAM as bad.


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      We done the test under Burn-in Test program v5.1 build 1014 and V5.2 build 1005 .

      Under V5.1 build 1014, we only see the fail symptom on Intel VGA platform only (Dual core CPU+ Intel 945GM + ICH7-M).
      Under V5.2 build 1005, we only see the fail symptom on NV VGA platform (Dual core CPU+ Intel 945PM + ICH7-M + NV G72 VGA).

      Actually we don't think we have hardware problem , because we have use different tools to run memory test , all pass .
      BTW , We have swap fail RAM module to good unit or good RAM Module to fail unit , all PASS.

      System will pop up “BurnInTest has stopped responding” after you can see error message and close the window. System didn’t hang up, only Burn-in program hang and no respond.


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        Is this the 32bit version of BurnInTest or the 64bit version? And for Vista is it 32bit or 64bit?

        There is a known issue with the DEP setting in Windows causing applications to crash. This is a common 64bit issue. Do you gave DEP on?

        Can you expand on what you mean by, "We have swap fail RAM module to good unit or good RAM Module to fail unit , all PASS". Are you saying that you put some good RAM into the failed unit and then it passed?


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          BurnIn Test is 32bit version and Vista also is 32bit version

          DEP setting is "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only"