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BIT Pro 5.3 + Intel 965WH (reboot issue)

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  • BIT Pro 5.3 + Intel 965WH (reboot issue)


    Are there any known problems with Burn In Test Pro 5.3 and Intel 965WH motherboards (using the onboard Intel Extreme Graphics)? We have been using Burn In Pro 5.3 for a week now in our production area, but platforms built around the Intel 965WH (no PCI cards, just using onboard graphics) are rebooting themselves randomly while testing with v5.3. We haven't seen the same behavior exhibited by other motherboards so far (AMD or Intel). Stopping the 3D test seems to cut down on the reboots, but they are still happening. Any ideas/info?

    CPUs: Any
    Motherboard BIOS: 1666 (latest as of this past week)
    HDDs: Any
    Memory: Any (all has passed Memtest+ 1.70 as well).
    I can provide more info if needed.



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    This is not a known software issue. And a spontaneous reboot is almost always caused either by a hardware fault or device driver bug.

    Video card device drivers are always the worst and most buggy drivers because of the hardware complexity, high level of competition to release new products, and awful quality control.

    So see if new BIOS and drivers are available for a start.


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      I had a very similar issue with a 900 series Intel motherboard using Corsair memory - where the voltage level was set to the REQUIRED level by Corsair ... but was just low enough to only cause the random reboots when stressed (such as in the 3D test).

      It has been a little while - but I believe the voltage 'required' was 1.6v or 1.7v - however I remember having to up it to like 1.8 or 1.9v to finally make it stable. It's still running fine to this day - and no random reboots. The client uses it as a video editing machine.

      It's probably not just related to Corsair memory either. You might try (or check) - and see if that could be your problem. I believe you set this somewhere under a section like 'Burn in settings' in the Intel Bios (they could have changed it - but check odd areas - as it's not where you'd think it'd be in the BIOS).

      Hope this helps,


      P.S. If this IS your issue, then BIT just saved you some warranty returns - as it did me with this problem! Passmark rules.
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        Hi guys,

        Thanks for the suggestions; there is a slightly newer Intel Extreme Graphics driver we are going to use and see what happens...I'll keep you updated.

        FYI, versions previous to 5.3 did not exhibit this problem on the same hardware/software/BIOS.

        Thanks again!



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          V5.3 is much harder in the 3D test that previous versions. Much more functionality in the video card (and driver) is exercised than was previously the case.