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Tape drive not detected

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  • Tape drive not detected

    I'm using BIT v3.2 and would like to run an endurance test my tape drive. When I click on "Drive info" and then click "Detect info" I get an error message that says:

    Could not open tape device

    I have tried multiple entries for the "Tape drive ID" but nothing seems to work. I can backup to tapes with NTBACKUP and other third party backup software so the drive and tape obviously work. I am running Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack 4 and the latest up to the minute hotfixes. The SCSI card is an Adaptec 29160N with the latest driver. The tape drive is a Mammoth2 (Exabyte) with the latest driver.

    I really want to test some tapes - can someone please help.

    I am a registered user of BIT.

    Dave Garner

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    If your system has only a single tape drive, then the system device identifier will be tape0, and the physical definition will be \\.\tape0. If you have more than one tape drive, then their physical definition would be automatically assigned by Windows (NTDETECT.COM in NT) at startup in the increasing order of their SCSI id's. So if you have two tape drives with SCSI id's 3 and 5, then the tape drive with SCSI id 3 would be \\.\tape0 and the tape drive with SCSI id 5 would be \\.\tape1. For BurnInTest you only need to enter the device identifier (TAPE0, TAPE1, etc..). You must have a windows device driver installed to use the tape drive. So if it is not working, this is the thing to check.

    Doing a search through your registry using regedit for 'tap' might help to find the name of the device on your machine.

    If you still don't have any luck please get back to me.