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S.M.A.R.T issue.

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  • S.M.A.R.T issue.


    I'm running DiskCheckup v2.0 build 1004 with smartdiskDLL SDK v1.0 build 1012 on a Toshiba laptop (satelitte a135-S4487) with 2 HD.

    One is Hitachi Model HTS5416...0 whatever.. and
    a Toshiba MK1234.... whatever.

    The Spin Up time row for the HITACHI is in red and I have:
    raw value 1ms
    Status OK
    Value 234
    worst 234
    Threshold 33
    Predicted TEC date varies between any day form August to November.

    On the other hand the Toshiba drive gives a Spin Up time as follows:
    Raw value 1687ms
    status OK
    value 100
    Worst 100
    Threshold 1
    Predicte TEC N.A

    Could someone explain to me why the Hitachi is flagged in red and Toshiba drive not?
    Why 1ms is worst than 1687ms?

    Is there some literature worth of reading about these SMART values, what they are and what is their function in life ?



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    There are two colors that attributes can be highlighted. Red and Orange. Orange is in the case of a warning and can be triggered by several things. Red is only in the event of that the drive reports a failure. All data is reported directly from the drive itself apart from the TEC date which is calculated by DiskCheckup. If the drive is still functioning correctly at this point in time it is probably a warning rather than a failure.

    As for the values. 1ms is an impossibly fast spin-up time and quite clearly cannot be correct. Although the S.M.A.R.T format is meant to be standard some vendors do not correctly adhere to it and in some cases the drives may report strange values. A good starting point for reading about S.M.A.R.T would be the wikipedia article.

    As for the TEC date itself. It may be worth watching it over time. As DiskCheckup accumulates more data it will be able to make a better estimate as to the time until the value drops below the threshold.
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