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  • Question on Sleeper

    Hi, If' I'm posting this on the wrong forum please feel free to point me at the right one....

    Have a question regarding the excellent Sleeper program. I've been testing a few programs on one of my home PCs (winXP home, AMD athlon 64).

    I have found Sleeper to be the only one that can actually put the PC into S3 state. With all the other programs, Standby = S1. I guess this is expected - but can anyone explain what function or API Sleeper is using to actually attain that nirvana-like S3 state? or what the difference is between the way Sleeper and the others may be going about this....?


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    We have actually got an update of Sleeper ready to go, but it is not up on the web site as yet. We had to change some of the API's we used to get better support under Vista (the security and hibernation options are more complex in Vista). Hopefully we haven't broken anything and it will still work just as well in XP and older versions of Windows.

    But none the less we are just using the standard API functions that anyone can find if they look up MSDN.