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Which Chip is suppose to Perform's better?

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  • Which Chip is suppose to Perform's better?

    hey hey all, Im a Youngster who is busy repairing Pc's for a Non profit orginization and have Found Performance test very Usefull to check that the hardware works 100%.

    But ive got a Problem im left with a Few PC's but cant figure out which one is Faster. Passmark tells me which one is faster but in the real world it seems that the slower mhz cpu gives off better Performance.

    Im still new to Pc's and dont know what went down back in the day with and which cpu and which one is/was faster.

    At the Moment i think the Via C3 800mhz is the fastest.... what do you guys think.

    the Cpu's and setup are.

    Via C3 800mhz 512mb DDR400
    Pentium 4 1.4Ghz 256 RIMMS
    Celeron 1.7ghz 512mb
    AMD Sempron 2400+ 512mb

    They all are using the Same Size/speed Hard drives..

    any Help will be Appreciated!
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    I would think the AMD Sempron 2400+ would be the better of the four. The (now very old) C3 chip was never very fast, but it didn't use much power either. But having said that, clock speed is no longer an accurate indicator or performance.


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      Found my Answer's here, Thanks Passmark

      Is there such benchmarks for AGP cards also? cos i hot a Xabre XP200 A its got a HUGE heatsink and fan but i dont know what speed it is or how it perform's compare to a Gefore 4Mx ,Radeon 8500 etc...
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