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    I saw this chart and it shows my old pentium 4 - 1.8 ghz processor but it does not show the comparisons between this 1.8ghz processor to that I just ordered in my Dell which is the

    Quad Core Intel® Xeon® Processor X5450 (3.00GHz,2X6M L2,1333) .

    Just what exactly would be the speed difference? Is it 100 times faster, 150 times faster, etc. Is there a chart that shows this comparison.

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    We don't have any results for the X5450 as yet. But it should be within the current top 20 based similar Xeon results.

    With the right (multi-threaded) software, the new CPU could be upto an order of magnitude faster. It might not feel like that however when you use the machine. Due to other components, like the disk drive, being only slightly faster in the new machine.

    When you get your new machine, please upload your result, so we can include it in the graph. (from the Baseline / Upload baseline menu)


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      chip speed test

      What software should I download to give the processor speed test for my dell t5400 quad and then how do I post it?


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        You can download PerformanceTest here,
        and post results from the Baseline / Upload baseline menu item within the software