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  • Duo?..Extreme?..dual?..quad? here is the situation. I currently run a AMD 64 X2 4400+. I am swimming in all of the processor varieties that Intel has out there right now (and I have pretty much settled on intel) and wondering where I start to spend stupid money for deminishing returns...and where I actually get a processor that is gonna blow my mind for the price. Looking to go about 1000 for a CPU Mobo combo (not including RAM). Your suggestions. That leaves the proc range at about 600-700 bucks. Please help..and I would be ever grateful. I do a lot of development and multimedia. Sound recording in Sonar...and dev on Visual Studio in combo wit SQL Server 2005. Some gaming. So...please...any guidelines. Thank you.

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    For Intel, the Q6850 or E8500 would probably be our current choice for price performance. But we are in Australia and prices might be different where you are.

    To be honest I would spend the money on good dual monitors and a fast hard drive, if you are doing development work. Two big monitors add far more to your productivity than a CPU that is 20% faster. (I max out my monitor space all the time, but rarely the CPU).


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      After tons of reading reviews...decided to go for the Intel Quad Q6600, 4GB of RAM...and the ASUS Sriker II board. I just got done getting a nice monitor...24" widescreen...and its doing good on real estate for now. Now I need a nice machine to match. From what I read...the above components are a good bang for the buck (well the mother board was a bit indulgent...but I hear overclocking is really good with the Q6600) SO I think I'll probably go with that.


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        hello Elvenking, if ya get the q6600 ya wont regret it.......they

        overclock very well......if ya can, make sure ya get a GO stepping

        chip......only 95watts, so easier to cool, and oc a little better....

        im at 2.9 and going to try to get to 3.5.......waiting on a new cooler...

        this arctic freezer is as high as i want to go w/it.....temps wise...

        good luck...........IntelMan.......
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        antec 1200 case
        antec truepower 650watt psu
        gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3p mobo
        q9300@3.4560 lapped
        2 gigs corsair dominator@922mhz
        evga 8800gt----@730/1710/1920
        2--WD 36gig raptors---10,000rpm raid0
        xigmatec 128 rifle cpu cooler lapped
        sony dvd/cd