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Should I buy Intel or AMD?

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  • Should I buy Intel or AMD?

    I'm just about to buy a new laptop. I've decided it will be either the Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 1GO or the Satellite Pro A300D 14O. A comparison of their specs can be found here:

    As far as I can see they are identical machines except that the 1GO uses an Intel Core 2 Duo T5670 with an Intel® GMA X3100 graphics adapter and the 14O uses an AMD Turion X2 mobile processor ZM-80 with ATI Radeon™ 3100 Graphics.

    There is only a few pounds difference in price and I was wondering which would be better for me. I download quite a few tv programmes and plan to watch them on the laptop. I will also convert some of the downloaded programmes from .avi to mpg so I can burn them to dvd and watch on my portable dvd player in the gym.

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    The T5670 is slightly faster than the ZM-80. But only around 10%. The Radeon is probably the better video chipset however. There isn't much in it really.


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      Thank you Passmark. I've now bitten the bullet and bought the AMD machine. I wasn't able to make a decision based on the specs so chose the one that was £20 cheaper.

      Thanks you for your input.