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Rebooter on Win2000 server

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  • Rebooter on Win2000 server

    Here's a recent support query which may be of more general use to users of the rebooter application...

    [quote Dave Gibson]
    We've been using your Rebooter utility for a while... great stuff. The
    problem I have is that when we set up a perpetual reboot loop (by placing
    the program in the "Startup" group, and using the -reboot switch), the
    settings for autologin don't stay put. What happens is when I config
    rebooter, I put in the domain, login, and password, and the settings now say
    auto-login is ENABLED. Then I'll start rebooter with the -reboot switch, and
    it reboots. When Windows2000 Server comes back up, it logs in automatically,
    goes right into rebooter, but now the auto-login is DISABLED.
    Do you have any ideas about why it won't work? It seems to only have this
    issue in Windows2000 server; the other OSs work fine.
    Thanks for any help!
    [end quote]

    The auto-login feature works by making changes the
    When rebooter is run it checks the current settings in the registry to
    determine if the curent state is Enabled or Disabled.

    So when Windows2000 server is booted the registry entries are being
    replaced with old settings or different settings.

    See Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 97597 for more details about what you
    should find in the registry.

    You could set the values by hand, reboot the machine and then check if the
    values are still set after the reboot.

    [quote Dave Gibson]
    Thanks for the help. Your document says right in the body that if no
    password is provided, the autologon will be disabled. In our case, we aren't
    using passwords, so the problem is now clear. We'll start using passwords.
    [end quote]
    Fergus Deffely,
    PassMark Software