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Spin Up Time Prob on new drive

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  • Spin Up Time Prob on new drive

    I have a new Hitachi drive that Sony put into my Vaio TR3A 60 days ago. For the last 30 days I've been getting a SMART error, which DiskCheckUp says is
    3 Spin Up Time 33ms FAIL 18 18 50

    Although they will replace the drive free, it takes about 2 days to reload everything and get new licenses for all the software. Sigh.

    This 33 ms has been constant for the last week I've tested it.

    Is there any other reason for the 33ms rather than a failing drive in a new drive? I seem to have seen something somewhere that new drives can show a bad spin up time for a while.


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    It is hard to know if this is a problem to be worried about or not. The only people that are really going to know are a few engineers in Hitachi. DiskCheckup reports the time in Milliseconds. But Hitachi might have their own variation on the standard and the real number might be 3.2sec. (or somethng else again).

    You could try asking Sony, but I would be surprised if you get a sensible answer from them. You might ask them if other Hitachi drives report the same failure. If your drive is the only one doing it, then you would have more cause to worry.

    One thing you must do however is keep good backups.