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Way lower android CPU passmark score than expected

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  • Way lower android CPU passmark score than expected

    I ran the Passmark app on an Samsung Galaxy s7 edge (SM-G935A) and got a CPU mark of around 70,429. I was expecting 170,000+ per The CPU in it is correct hardware per CPU Z and it passed authenticity per Antutu. But why is it scoring so low?

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    The online charts are a mix of PerformanceTest Mobile V1 and V2. While we tried to scale V2 to V1, they are not directly comparable as new tests were added in V2 and V2 switched to use NDK for CPU tests. We may look to separate the charts when we get some free time. Instead we recommend users to use the "Manage Baseline" feature within the software to compare to their own results to other devices.


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      That really causes a lot of confusion. A deciding factor in picking a phone was the CPU passmark score, but I'm not even sure how reliable the online list can be now that the results are all mixed up the way it's described.

      Are the results at least in reasonable proportion?


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        I just ran Passmark on my Moto G5 Plus and answered my own question: "no." My G5 plus scored 117,000 yet is far inferior to the S7 Edge. I don't know why it's showing such a higher number on the Android CPU list but I don't know what to make of the software if it's going to be so difficult to use.


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          No comment on this Richard or David?


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            Well at least tell me how they scored 170,000? I couldn't find the V1 software on the Playstore.


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              With new tests added and old tests updated to use NDK (versus Java) in V2, the results from V1 may not be comparable with V2.

              The CPU score can be affected by various things including the power settings (on battery vs plugged in), battery saver mode, CPU throttling by thermals, other apps using up CPU, etc. Below you can find V2 results for the devices you mentioned. We do not have many samples for Moto G5 Plus, but we have over 350 samples for Galaxy S7 Edge. The high standard deviation for the S7 Edge unfortunately means there are wider range of CPUMarks.
              Device CPUMark Min CPUMark Avg CPUMark Max Std Dev Samples
              Galaxy S7 Edge 20428 113882 219413 49728 355
              Moto G5 Plus 114813 118150 127129 5200 4

              We will look to list V1 and V2 results separately in the coming week pending other projects currently underway.


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                Fair enough and thanks for clarifying. But why not list the max values only alongside the CPU submitted? That would be a good way of gauging how powerful of a phone you have.