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  • Shock in top 100

    BEING FAIRLY NEW HERE I...might very well be saying something completely silly,but here goes,looking through the illustrious list of top 100 systems and wishing I had that kind of muscle,I saw something that blew my mind...The top cpu,better than i9:s and 8086k processors is a i5 2400 with a score of 66537,three times more than the closest rival.This guy must be The Guru of gurus,and I wish I could learn sitting at his feet...Have I missed something? Will someone please explain...thank you and best regards

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    It makes no sense to me either?

    In fact, I don't think that silicon and cpu HW is capable of that. The guy is either the worlds best CPU OCer, or somewhere along the line, while uploading or whatever there was an error. I don't think it's cheating, but I can't believe that result is accurate.
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      We had a look at it. The hardware was very ordinary. But the scores were very high. So we think it was a cheat. In fact the result was already being excluded from the online Top 20 benchmark results. We have a few mechanisms to pick up cheating. But it isn't always clear cut, nor infallible. This particular result has been deleted now.


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        Yes, being new here I didn't want to use the word "cheating," but it was pretty darn obvious. Thanks