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  • Trading and charting computer

    I do a lot of work with TradeStation and Sierra Charts, 2 trading charting platforms. Can anyone recommend the ideal desktop and laptop I should be looking for. Or the components most essential? I use multiple 4k monitors as well. Thanks.

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    These apps look like they are 2D apps (not 3D). So as long as the video card handles all your 4K monitors nothing special is require for the video card. You didn't mention how many monitors. But a couple of low end cards would likely do the job.

    Otherwise I can't see these applications as being very demanding on the computer. Best to check with the developer of each package however.

    General recommendations would be for
    - A fast M2 SSD. e.g Samsung 970 Pro
    - At least 16GB of DDR4
    - Something like a i7-9700K or Ryzen 2700X CPU (but in truth they are probably both overkill)

    More important is probably a conformable chair and good internet.