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PerformanceTest 9 adjusting for Turbo/Overclocks?

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  • PerformanceTest 9 adjusting for Turbo/Overclocks?

    I'm curious why my PerformanceTest 9 results are consistently above the published average values. I've ran the test on 3 different machines, all of them have some kind of turbo clock/boost technology in the CPU. No overclocks since they're laptops. The only thing I can think of is some kind of normalization when the test results are submitted.

    It would make sense though for the test to adjust for manual OCs, so I'm guessing the same applies for auto-OCs done by the CPU.

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    Near all new CPUs adjust their clock speed automatically. Both up and down, in real time.

    Laptops often have their power settings adjusted (to reduce performance). Either in Windows or in BIOS. Sometimes linked to running on battery power rather than mains power. Plus they are often thermally limited with poor cooling. This pulls down the average.


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      Thanks David, I understand. My question is when the results are submitted and displayed on the PassMark website, is there some kind of adjustment/normalization that gets applied to account for these manual or automatic overclocks? Or are the average results unadjusted and they are indeed lower than the result I see in my PerformanceTest UI?


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        We exclude overclocked results from the main charts. They instead go into the overclocked charts.