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    We have been working on some new "test case management software" for some time now. The 1st version of the software is almost completed in house testing and we are now looking for some beta tester to try out the software.

    A brief overview of the software can be found here

    We imagine that software development companies, and engineering firms would have the most use for the tool.

    We are offering a free copy of the software at the end of the beta test period for all testers.

    Mail for details.


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    After a lot of work we have now launched the 1st version of TestLog. Our new test case management tool for software development companies and engineering firms.

    You can download an evaluation copy here,



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      Testlog questions

      I have just downloaded Testlog and look forward to giving it a try.
      I have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone can help me with:

      1. Does the application allow me to print off a document detailing the test cases for a project?

      2. Can we do an actual export from Excel or Word to testlog? and from Testlog to Excel or Word?

      3. Where do you suggest we store the actual data required information for the test cases? I currently use a spreadsheet for my test cases and a separate spreadsheet for test data. Will I still need the data spreadsheet?

      thank you.


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        1. Yes, you can either print individual test cases or the entire list wthin a particular test suite . We have updated the FAQ on details about how to do this.

        2. At the moment there is no export or import function (except cut and paste). However as the file format for test cases is fairly simple (it is just very basic XML in ASCII). It is possible to write small conversion scripts. We can supply you with the file format if required. We do plan to do a generic converion script in the future however.

        3. It is hard to know the best solution without knowing what volumne and type of of "data" you have. You could have it in external files and link from the test case or include it in the test case itself.


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          Progress report

          When I generate a progress report, the report is created but with no data displayed. The Project finish date > start date. I have 2 failed test cases and 2 passed test cases.
          Am I missing some field I need to update?


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            It might be that the project test case state changes occured either before the start of the project or after the end of the project. It might also be the case that the state changes occured after todays date. (At some point in the future).

            If you don't think this is the case, zip up your database and E-mail it to me. We'll then determine what the problem is.

            My E-mail address is davidw at passmark dot com.
            ( Replace the at with '@' and the dot with '.' )