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Stupid mistake - Wrong destination drive

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  • Stupid mistake - Wrong destination drive

    While creating a memtest86 USB I selected the wrong drive and erased an external drive partition. Please tell me there's a way to reverse my error. Thanks

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    No there is no way to recover the part of the disk that was overwritten. If the destination drive was a much larger drive than the MemTest86 disk image then some of the files might be able to be recovered with forensics tools. What kind of files were on the overwritten disk? JPG photographs are especially easy, relatively speaking, to recover.

    We foresaw this happening during development of the ImageUSB tool.

    And to (try) avoid this outcome we force the user to select the drive (rather than auto selecting) and then have a double confirmation after that. And we also default to "No" on the confirmation window. So if the user just hits enter without reading the warning, nothing bad happens.

    Click image for larger version

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