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Search in baseline database by id or other method?

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  • Search in baseline database by id or other method?

    Is there a search method in the database on the website by id?

    As far as baseline search is available in the performance test software, how can i find results by id?
    The URL is generated partly from the test id, unfortunately it has an additional octet of digits which is a secret for me. Also in performance test the is no url to website only ID. Any advice?

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    You can search by ID from the PerformanaceTest software. See below.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Advanced-Search-Baselines.png
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ID:	48037

    You also get the URL for your own results when submitting a new baseline file.


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      Yeah i know but i want to find on web page result, not my own, if we have example id 1203531 you posted how to get url ?,
      wouldn't it be easier to generate url only with id from baseline? Then all the results could easily be found, or add generated url to windows software in baseline search? Or declassify the algorithm that generates the second half of the id from the url, please don't say it's random


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        We don't think it is our interest to make everyone's results available for trivial download from the web. Makes it too easy for people to download millions of records. Which is a problem for server load and there are copyright issues.