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Passmark sleeper V2.3_1012 S4 (hibernate) test doesn't work on windows2019

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  • Passmark sleeper V2.3_1012 S4 (hibernate) test doesn't work on windows2019

    I'm testing S4 (hibernate test) using Passmark Sleeper V2.3_1012 on my Ice lake platform, but the Sleeper cannot run contiunously every cycle when waking up from S4.
    I'm expecting the Sleeper will continuously to run every cycle, but it does not. But, if I click the sleeper application, then it starts to run the next cycle.

    I'm wondering if it's a compatibilty issue, or there's a limiation due to my system configuration?

    Procedure to repro the issue:
    1. Run sleeper application, choose S4 test, click sleep now, then system will get into S4.
    2. When system is coming back from S4, normally the Sleeper should automatically executing the sleeper application in windows desktop and start to run the next cycle, however it's not.
    3. But, if I click the sleeper application manually, then sleeper will keep running the next cycle.

    My System information
    1.OS: windows server 2019 datacenter
    2.CPU platform: Intel Ice lake

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    Your CPU is an engineering sample. So I am guessing the machine is still being debugged.

    Are you sure the machine is only going to sleep? If you are needing to re-launch the app, then it sounds like the machine shut down and restarted.