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Unable to connect to selected PDTester device

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  • Unable to connect to selected PDTester device

    I have a USB Power Delivery Tester Model PM110. I have downloaded the driver and USBPDTest.exe app from the website. I have plugged the Analysis port into an available USB port on my PC and launched the app. The only thing the app does is tell me it can't connect to test device it has identified as being present (see attachment). My PC is Windows 10. This looks to me like an order-of-operations problem - perhaps I connected the tester to the PC before installing the drivers. Windows says the drivers loaded are the most recent. Can you tell me what stupid thing I have done to get myself into this state?
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    Can you please uninstall the driver (select the Delete option) and install it again? Please download the driver from here,
    Also, what firmware version do you have on the tester?


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      The problem was a mismatch between the tester app and the firmware version on the tester hw. Once we had app v1.1.1009 and fw v2.5 and driver v2.12.28 everything started to work.
      We haven't tried app v1.1.1012 with fw v3.1 yet. Does the same driver version work for either?


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        OK that's great.

        Yes, there is only one version of the device driver.
        (it is a standard USB to serial interface, so in most cases the driver is already installed on Win10)