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USB PD tester and python automation

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  • USB PD tester and python automation

    Recently I have been tasked to automate the tests we perform on our circuit boards, but I'm struggling to automate the PD tester. Is it possible to run the sample code with the profiles I had previously set? I'm running the entire folder (both the code as well the USBconsole.exe) with Python 3.x, and I receive the "DUT is not connected" error and I can't locate what I'm missing in all that. Any help on how to get around that would be much appreciated
    As primarily I'm not a python dev and the code has most of the functionalities we need, I thought on using it as a base code, adding / removing features accordingly.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The example Python code is written for a particular charger with a combination of fixed, PPS and QC profiles. It needs to be modified according to the PD capabilities or your hardware otherwise it will throw errors when it fails to select the specified profiles.
    The error "DUT is not connected" means you haven't specified the serial number of PDTester in line 19 and 20 of the Python code.