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What is the power button?

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  • What is the power button?

    I have run keyboard check and seeing the Power button is constantly being pressing. But I do not see any power button on the keyboard. Could you help, please?
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    I believe that it is due do a bad keyboard (e.g. failed hardware, maybe a short circuit).
    As a result, it is sending all 1's (0xFF in hexadecimal or 255 in decimal) and on some keyboards this also corresponds to the Power key.


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      I have the same thing, so which key can it be? Pause/Break? I don't see any power keys on my keyboard.


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        It probably does not correspond with any particular key on your keyboard and its due do a faulty keyboard. It just so happens that if the faulty keyboard is sending all 1's (0xFF in hexadecimal or 255 in decimal), it matches with the Power key for that keyboard layout as its Windows Key code is also 0xFF/255.