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XY Scatter Plots clipped on X=PassMarks axis

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  • XY Scatter Plots clipped on X=PassMarks axis

    Love the site, visit here whenever I'm considering a hardware purchase.

    I was perusing and I'm noticing the scatterplots clip off the highest passmarks, because values now commonly exceed the 45,000 point.

    Would love it if the maximum could be raised so I can see all the data points.

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    The charting API we are using was cutting the LAST datapoint in half (supposedly this is by design according to their documentation), but no data was being excluded. The Best Value XY for currently available only shows the Top 100. This should match up with the list version of the chart. In any case, we adjusted the axis minimum/maximum, this should now fully show the data point which may be straddling the edge of the chart.


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      Ah, I now notice the graph is labelled "Top 100 ..." I incorrectly assumed it was all the data points, and this explains why the highest-performing / highest cost ones are not on the graph, because they would not be in the top 100 performance / price.

      I am sorry to have troubled you and will attempt to read more carefully in the future.

      Thank you for explaining that to me.