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DirectX 12 error number 20032389900

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  • DirectX 12 error number 20032389900

    Hello People. I keep getting this message on the performance test during the 3d section. Here's something too. If I also run the HW Monitor at the same time, I get the message quote "Unexpected error DirectX 12 error 2003238900". If I don't run HW Monitor, I dont get that message. Furthermore, If I run HW monitor during the test, I get a much higher score than if I dont. It should be the other way around, because I'm using more resources when I run them together but I dont. I get a 2000 point difference . Is this test really accurate? Does anyone here have the same issue? I need to figure this out or I'm not to stay here obviously cause it stalls at the 3d part of the test. Please help out cause I really like passmark. Thanks people.
    Last edited by; Nov-07-2022, 03:38 AM. Reason: To show one of the messages I have received. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you

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    We haven't been able to reproduce anything like in our testing here, to our knowledge HWMonitor shouldn't be using any DirectX12 related functions so it shouldn't interfere with the PerformanceTest DirectX 12 test (though it could interfere with the temperature collection that happens in PerformanceTest). More likely it's a general issue with the video card driver (perhaps reading the GPU temperatures is causing issues in the device driver).

    Could you please try running PerormanceTest in debug mode, and run the tests with & without HWMonitor running so we can check for any. difference.