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Passmark USB Power Delivery Tester Suggestion

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  • Passmark USB Power Delivery Tester Suggestion


    I have recently purchased this USB PD device to verify consistency on our cables and power blocks and it has worked wonderfully.

    One suggestion I had for possible, future updates, (unless I am blind and it already exists) was to include a log of USB C Port Temps in a separate column on the CVS exports. This would be wonderful to help keep track of potential temp management that could be present under loads. I noticed port temps are shown on the LCD display but it would be much easier to parse the data if included in the logs.

    I know this is a niche scenario as the provided USB C cables are very nice. But I also use this to test third party cables to verify consistency with specific power blocks.

    Thank you again for the wonderful product!
    Dylan - Nerds Need

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    Thank you for your feedback about our USB PD Tester! I assume by Temp you are referring to the temperature measurement that is displayed in the bottom left corner of the LCD display, this measurement is taken from a temperature sensor attached to the heatsink and so is the temperature of the heatsink on the USB PD Tester. This means that the temperature value is dependent on the power being drawn from the device under test and the environment the USB PD Tester is in.

    Because of this, the temperature doesn't provide any useful information about the device under test and has no effect on the test being performed (unless it gets too hot and needs to shut down for safety reasons) and so we had decided on not having it in the logs but allowing it to be read through the API. If you're having the issue that the USB PD Tester is getting too hot during tests and this affects the test (such as shutting down), then I would recommend improving the cooling of the heatsink by either placing it in a different location or using a fan to blow more air over the heatsink.

    If I haven't addressed the issue you are having properly, could you please provide me more information about the testing you are doing and I can help out further.


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      Thank you for the clarification!

      I assumed the temp readout was for the USB C Port itself. If that is not the case I can always wire up some probes to test what kind of temperatures are present under load on the cable side.

      Your help is appreciated!
      Dylan- Nerds Need