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  • Slim Dell Studio 540s Desktop Experience

    Hello, everyone. Not sure, if this is the best place. But, I own an old computer build, posted in the topic title above. I know my options are limited here, but what video card is best for this machine? I heard, sapphire radeon HD 7750(, is best.

    But that's probably changed by now. How would I go about finding the best video card or other parts, for this specific computer build or other ones as well? I know dimension & size play a crucial factor as well, even if said graphics card, is compatible with the computer. If it can't fit inside, the machine, it won't do. ;-/

    I'm probably better off, buying the parts & building a new computer from scratch, but I wouldn't mind making this computer the best it can be, for use as a server computer or whatever else(I got sentimental emotions tied to this computer a bit).

    Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day! B-)

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    I did a search on Google for you. It seems this Dell only had a 250W or 350W power supply. Which limits video card options. I think the "s" in 540s mean you have the slim case. So this might also limit the options from a physical size point of view. Some Dells also use non standard power supplies making upgrades more complex.

    So there is no easy solution. You just need to do the research. If it was a popular model then someone out there on the internet might have already solved the problem.

    The entire machine is pretty old now. If you are going to turn it into a server, then you don't need a new video card. Replace the hard drive instead and max out the RAM.