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Vista 64bit, crashing and data execution protection (DEP)

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  • Vista 64bit, crashing and data execution protection (DEP)

    It seems that when DEP is turned on for all programs in Vista it is causing our software to crash on start-up due to the key enforcement measures we use. This shouldn't be a problem for 32 bit installs unless DEP is turned on specifically but 64 bit installs have it on automatically.

    To fix this problem you will need to turn off DEP protection, you can either;
    • Add the affected program executable to the list of programs that DEP will not be used for (see the linked help page for how to do this)
    • Change the DEP option to "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only"
    There is information on DEP and how to change the DEP settings on this Microsoft help page,

    This problem can effect Vista, Windows 2003 and XP if DEP is enabled.

    In particular Windows 2003 SP2 (released early March 07) now turns on DEP without asking you. So problems might been seen after an upgrade to SP2 in Windows 2003.

    In some cases it seems a reboot is required before the DEP setting takes effect.