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  • Reallocated Sector Count FAIL

    I just dled disk checkup today when I found it because I noticed that my 4 month old laptop has been going really slow since my reformat. What's been happening is the HD light keeps coming on every 2 seconds or so and I don't know why. I've tried closing all non-essential programs but there aren't many, since it was just reformatted. So, here are the results:
    DiskCheckup Version:            DiskCheckup V2.0 Build: 1004
    SmartDisk DLL Version:          SmartDisk DLL SDK v1.0 Build: 1012
    Time of export:                 17:05:38 18-Mar-2007
    Device ID:                      0
    Device Capacity:                76316 MB
    Serial Number:                  5PK1YTPT
    Model Number:                   ST98823A
    Firmware Revision:              3.05
        C:                          76308 MB
    IDE Registers:
        Features:                   0x0
        Sector Count:               0x1
        Sector Number:              0x1
        Cylinder Low:               0x0
        Cylinder High:              0x0
        Drive Head:                 0xA0
        Command:                    0xEC
    ID Sector:
        Cylinders:                  16383
        Heads:                      16
        Sectors per track:          63
        Cur Cyls:                   16383
        Cur Heads:                  16
        Cur Sectors/Track:          63
        Bytes per track:            N.A.
        Sectors per track:          N.A.
        Gen Config:                 3162
        Buffer Type:                0
        Buffer Size:                16384
        Vendor Unique:              0 0 0
        More Vendor Unique:         0x8010
        ECC Size:                   4
        Double Word IO:             0
        Capabilities:               12032
        PIO Timing:                 512
        DMA Timing:                 512
        BS:                         7
        Current Sector Capacity:    16514064
        Total Addressable Sectors:  156301488
        Mult. Sector Stuff:         272
        Single Word DMA:            0
        Multi Word DMA:             7
    That's just the drive info, here are the scan results:
     ID    Description                             Raw Value     Status        Value         Worst         Threshold     TEC                 
      1    Raw Read Error Rate                     0             OK            100           253           6             N.A.                
      3    Spin Up Time                            0ms           OK            95            94            0             N.A.                
      4    Start/Stop Count                        761           OK            100           100           20            N.A.                
      5    Reallocated Sector Count                62869         FAIL          1             1             36            N.A.                
      7    Seek Error Rate                         53447977      OK            77            60            30            N.A.                
      9    Power On Time                           2711          OK            97            97            0             N.A.                
      A    Spin Retry Count                        0             OK            100           100           34            N.A.                
      C    Power Cycle Count                       572           OK            100           100           20            N.A.                
     BB    (Unknown attribute)                     65535         OK            1             1             0             N.A.                
     BD    (Unknown attribute)                     0             OK            100           100           0             N.A.                
     BE    (Unknown attribute)                     740753451     OK            57            46            45            N.A.                
     C0    Power off Retract Count                 72            OK            100           100           0             N.A.                
     C1    Load/Unload Cycle Count                 43467         OK            79            79            0             N.A.                
     C2    Temperature                             43 C          OK            43            54            0             N.A.                
     C3    (Unknown attribute)                     38032146      OK            64            53            0             N.A.                
     C5    Current Pending Sector Count            0             OK            100           100           0             N.A.                
     C6    Uncorrectable Sector Count              0             OK            100           100           0             N.A.                
     C7    UltraDMA CRC Error Count                0             OK            200           200           0             N.A.                
     C8    Write Error Count                       0             OK            100           253           0             N.A.                
     CA    Direct Address Mark Error Rate          0             OK            100           253           0             N.A.
    Notice the Reallocated Sector Count failed, I was wondering what might be the problem, I have been thinking that the best solution might just be to format again but I'm worried that won't do it and that there might be a simpler solution that I don't know about. Also just wondering what else looks to be a problem from these results, thanks for your help.

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    It is normal for Windows (especially Vista) to access the hard drive a lot.

    It is also typical for PC's to slow down as more and more junk gets load on to them.

    What is not normal is a FAIL on the SMART data for Reallocated Sector Count. And a reformat is unlikely to fix the real problem.

    Your drive is a Seagate Momentus 5400.2. I would try and download some of the Seagate tools to see if you can get any additional information, then I would look at trying to get the laptop repaired under warranty.


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      The idea is that my laptop never did this before, only since the reformat... Also, as I said, I formatted, there's MUCH less space being taken than before, when it worked fine.


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        IMHO, the drive is stuffed. So even if you don't try and get it replaced, at least keep good backups.