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Memtest86 v4.7 runs on DDR4

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  • Memtest86 v4.7 runs on DDR4

    I did not realize both v4.7 and v7.5 were on the USB image that I used to test my UEFI DDR4 system. V4.7 ran against 2 sticks of DDR4 8gb and reported many errors. I thought I had finally uncovered the cause of by BSODs. After reading that v4.7 did not support DDR4, I shifted to v7.5 and no errors have been found so far.


    1. Any reason not to block execution of v4.7 against memory it does not support?
    2. The USB image has 2 UEFI versions in separate partitions - what are the differences?

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    There was never a V4.7 release. So you probably mean V4.3.7.

    V4 does mostly work on DDR4 RAM as far as the testing goes.
    Reading the SPD data doesn't work (timings, clock speeds, serial numbers, etc..).
    Also V4 doesn't support secure boot and doesn't the UEFI memory map.

    Can you post a photo from the V4 version showing the errors.