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Trouble With 12 Cores Xeon processor

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  • Trouble With 12 Cores Xeon processor

    Hi, i Found a Trouble or Bug when i testing memory in a INTEL SERVER BOARD S1400SP With Intel Xeon E5-2440 2.4ghz 6 cores / 12 threads.

    When i test memory with ALL 6 cores Actived in BIOS, i get thousands of errors in test # 10, i tried with several modules, with PC3-10600R, PC3-12800R, PC3-10600E 4gb and 8gb. Not Matter if only 1 module or 6 modules. Even with brand new memory i always get the same errors in test # 10, but when i keep only 4 cores / 8 threads actived in BIOS, i get no errors! only with 6 cores / 12 thread i get the errors!

    Tested with 7.4 and 7.5 version with same results!

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    Seems similar to this problem,

    An older Xeon CPU having problems in test #10. Other related symptoms are the errors being at a low memory address, the errors not triggering any ECC warnings & the errors being consecutive multi-bit errors.

    We've also got an internal trouble ticket open, Ticket ID: 191594.
    At the moment we are suspecting it is a UEFI fimware bug. Where the UEFI BIOS declares a block of memory that used for the video card as available free RAM.