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  • Not understanding results

    Good morning,

    I ran memtest86 last night in response to some BSOD's that I've been getting while playing Defiance, and got the following results. I'm not sure what this means, in terms of, do I have to get new memory?

    Iterations: 30
    Pass: 11
    Errors: 80
    Error Confidence Value: 145
    Lowest Error Address: 0000001a0f0 - 0.1MB
    Highest Error Address: 0000001a0f3 - 0.1MB
    Bits in Error Mask: 2404cef7
    Bits in Error - Total: 15, Min: 7, Max: 11, Avg: 9
    Max Contiguous Errors: 1

    Thanks very much,

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    What version of the software are you using and what are the hardware specs?


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      Hi David,

      I'm using version 4.2.0. Shoot, I'm at work at the moment, so can't do a proper list for you, but I have a:

      CPU: Intel 3930k
      Mobo: Asus Republic of Gamers Rampage IV Formula (Latest Bios version)
      Graphics Card: Asus Radeon 6950 2Gb (latest driver versions)
      Memory: 16 Gb (4x4) G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600
      O/S: Windows 7 Ultimate, SP1

      Here's the screenshot of my results:

      Did you need any other information than that?

      Thanks for the response.


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        As an update, I got a System_Service_Exception BSOD while out of the game last night. This morning, I was on the computer for over an hour without any problems. I'm really not sure what's triggering it.