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Memtest found errors, please help!

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  • Memtest found errors, please help!

    So I have been having issues with posting crash dump files... the blue screen sticks at 0% and no matter what I do I can't get it to move. So I tried a memtest to see if my ram was at fault... here are the results. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Chances are the RAM is bad. Typically 1-bit RAM errors are indication of bad memory.

    See the following for memory troubleshooting,


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      If I get new RAM and it's still giving me issues and not posting crash dumps and such, could there be another issue with my hardware? Motherboard maybe? I just did a fresh install of windows and am still having all the same issues so I'm hoping it really is just the RAM... it's hard to tell what else it might be since the computer will not generate crash dump files, but since I fresh installed windows, I'm guessing it is indeed hardware related.

      Thank you for your time, it is much appreciated.
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        If you still have issues after installing new RAM, it's possible that other hardware may be at fault. Some other things to try to help you deduce the problem area:

        Narrow down which stick is having the issue. Then test with only "Good" ram.
        Check that RAM are installed in the recommended slots and/or try different slots for your sticks to see if the issue is still present.
        Check that your RAM is compatible with your motherboard, some manufacturer will document RAM modules tested to work.