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Just Wondering If This is Normal...

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  • Just Wondering If This is Normal...

    So I've never used memtest before, but need to check if my memory is bad since I keep getting "can't access memory" errors when I try to launch .exe's.

    I started it this morning before I left for work. It would have the testing percent increase, then my computer would restart (show the motherboard screen, etc) and then it would start again from 0. I only watched it for 5-10 minutes but it restarted 4-5 times. The only thing I noticed that changed was "iteration" went from 1 to 2 back to 1 during the different reboots.

    Is this the normal pattern of the test? Or is something wrong with my computer/install ?

    I'm running it off a flash drive.

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    No, this is not normal.
    There should be no rebooting until after the test has finished and you quit the tool.

    What was the exact error message in Windows?
    Which .exe files are you trying to launch?
    Does the machine reliably boot into Windows without any problem?