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How do I set the number of memory tests?

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  • How do I set the number of memory tests?

    The default memtest cycles is 4 times, But if I wanted to change it to 100 times, How do I set it? thanks

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    I assume you are referring to the Pro release.

    You can selecting the number of passes from the menu, or you can set the number in the configuration file.


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      Thank you for your reply. The version I tested was V8.1 pro.
      I have been inputting the number of passes from the menu, like setting 100.
      However, after 18 hours of testing, none of the cycles has been completed, so I am not sure whether the steps are correct or not.


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        How much RAM is in the machine and what is the CPU type?

        Maybe you can post a screen shot / photo showing the screen a few hours into the testing.


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          Please refer to the attachment for the pictures I tested
          By defaultŁ¨4 cycles), it only takes me about four hours to test a loop. If I set cycles to 100, the testing time becomes too long.
          Click image for larger version

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            If I choose 4, does it mean only Test 4[moving inversions, 8 bit pattern], or Test 0 ~ Test 13 should be executed 4 times in sequence
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              If you select 4 for the number of passes, then it will do 4 passes (of the selected test(s)).

              But that first screen shot shows a CPU temperature of 96C, Which likely means the CPU will be thermally throttled.


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                Thanks for your reply. I will check the temperature of CPU.
                In addition, I tested a group of DDR3L 1600MHz UDIM memory and found errors in both tests.

                First: [MEM ERROR - Data] Test: 11, CPU: 0, Address: 25D2466F8, Expected: 0C44B8761BE2D451, Actual: 0CC4B8761BE2D451
                SecondF[MEM ERROR - Data] Test: 11, CPU: 0,Address: 55ED6CA30, Expected: D45F53F9528DE8E0, Actual: D45F53F9538DE8E0
                Click image for larger version

Name:	图片1.png
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                But Memtest86+ tested three cycles and all the results were Pass
                What reasons do you think the passmark memtest failedHIs there a bad memory path that causes read and write errors? thanks


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                  MemTest86+ V5.01 is pretty old now. It isn't even 64bit, but 64bit hardware has been available for nearly 20 years.


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                    May I ask the reason why the actual value of Passmark memtest does not meet the expected value?


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                      The expected value of 0C44B8761BE2D451, which is the value written to RAM, is not the same as the actual value 0CC4B8761BE2D451, which was later read from RAM.
                      i.e. the RAM failed the test.

                      Edit: 0C44B8761BE2D451 is a hexadecimal value.

                      The actual value stored in RAM in binary (1s and 0s was)
                      *1100010001001011100001110110000110111110001011010 10001010001‬
                      but the value read from RAM was,
                      *1100110001001011100001110110000110111110001011010100010 10001‬


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                        Oh, I see. Thanks for your careful explanation.