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Test keeps on freezing

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  • Test keeps on freezing

    Hi, sorry to bother you guys... I just build a new pc and it has been about 10-11 years since the last time so i really appreciate any help, i have checked ram compability before buying and it should be fine but pc keeps on freezing randomly since the first day...

    Right now i have;
    Rampage 6 Extreme motherboard with latest bios, i9 7940x cpu, Gskill Trident Z 4x8gb quad channel CL14 3200mhz memory kit. All sticks are installed in right positions, i have xmp activated and i increased voltage from 1.35 to 1.38 for more stability, uncore is set to +0.40V... I have been searching couple of other official forums to make the system more stable and these were adviced settings...

    Since nothing i tried worked last night i finally decided to test memory with latest memtest86 8.2 from uefi usb, run the test and it froze on first pass test 7 so i searched and saw that i might need to switch to single cpu mode, so did that and re run the test this time it froze on pass 2 test 9... Other than freezing there were no errors. Since the log file is about 450kb i had to upload somewhere else you can download it from this link.

    Can anyone tell me what to do? Is this because of some sort of incompability or do i need to RMA the sticks?

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    I would suggest
    1) Revert to default BOIS settings
    2) Try the test with half the RAM. (then the other half)
    3) Try with XMP off.