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Feedback: 5.01 hangs on multi cpu

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  • Feedback: 5.01 hangs on multi cpu

    Hey All,

    First, thanks to the memtest team for a great product.

    I experience a hang after 3minutes with memtest86+ v5.01 when booting from a usb cdrom and selecting the multi-processor option. I believe it was on the "random block" test.

    Relevant specs:
    Mobo: ASrock z87 pro 3
    Ram: 8gb pc3 Patriot single dim (part number PSD38G13332)
    CPU: i5-4670K (not oc'd)

    Single processor option ran fine for 10 passes.

    Let me know if this is the wrong location to post bug reports...


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    memtest86+ v5.01 is not our software, so it's probably best to post it on their forums. They have used the same name as our software, which is confusing. You may be confusing it with our MemTest86 v5 software, which runs on the UEFI platform but is currently in experimental beta. You may want to give MemTest86 v5 a try as well to see if the same problem occurs as it is based on the original memtest86 software:


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      oh! my bad.

      thanks will do.