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V8.2 and non uefi boards ?

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  • V8.2 and non uefi boards ?

    I just bought the pro version. I produced the usbstick using imageUSB.
    The stick works flawless on a 2 year old asusboard with ryzen2700x, using uefi.
    But it's stuck directly after boot on 2 laptops and elder boards, which don't provide uefi.
    I also tried writing the image with rufus, but no success either.

    Is this version uefi-only ?

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    Yes, V8 is UEFI only.
    Laptops must be pretty old not to support UEFI.

    You'll need to go back to V4 to test non-UEFI machines.


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      In our company, UEFI is avoided due to reasons of IT-security. The laptop was hp elitebook 8770w, with UEFI disabled in bios.
      Most of our PC use custom bios ( modified to our specifications by the board manufacturer ), so there is often no UEFI present by default. ( Although it's the latest hardware on the market.)
      As memtest86+ and various commercial burn-in-sticks still boot without UEFI, I didn't expect this limitation.
      Is there a way to include this feature in future releases ?


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        UEFI is on 99.9% of new PCs. There is no general security issue (although there are surely individual issues with individual implementations). But old style BIOS had security issues as well. UEFI also allows secure boot. So it would be easy to make an argument for UEFI being more secure, not less.

        UEFI also allows 64bit code, graphic user interface, mouse support, writing test reports back to the USB drive, unicode foreign language support, code signed secure boot, high resolution screen support, USB2/3 keyboard support and many other features.

        So no, we won't be returning to the dark ages. But V4 was open source, so anyone can do anything they want with the old BIOS version.


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          UEFI is safe enough for 99.9% of all users, just like an iphone might be safe enough. 0.01% have customers, that show up with pen testers, that will own your system, unless you strip down most gimicks. Nevertheless I understand your point in not caring about uefi-free systems.