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Need some help on test readings please.

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  • Need some help on test readings please.


    wish you all a good day and would like to thank you in advance for any sort of help you will contribute to this thread, my problem started with my pc restarts automatically when i start MSI afterburner test, which later on led me to do some testing on rams to figure out my problem and im kinda shocked with the results even tho i dont know what the readings means but i recently bought the rams off amazon, and i really wish i dont need to replace them since i bought them from amazon USA and i dont live there so returning it for a refund is going to be a very difficult job for me, hope these reading are not effecting performance or can be fix. sorry for the long intro and will leave you with the details.

    PC specs:
    Ryzen 5 3600
    MSI x470 gaming pro
    Corsair RGB Pro 3200Hz 16gb (2x c16
    MSI RTX 2070 super gaming x trio

    here is the results:
    Result summary

    Test Start Time 2019-09-18 04:57:20
    Elapsed Time 2:19:39
    Memory Range Tested 0x0 - 41F380000 (16883MB)
    CPU Selection Mode Parallel (All CPUs)
    ECC Polling Enabled
    # Tests Passed 31/42 (73%)
    Lowest Error Address 0x12224680 (290MB)
    Highest Error Address 0x65F94B18 (1631MB)
    Bits in Error Mask 0000000010000000
    Bits in Error 1
    Max Contiguous Errors 1
    Test # Tests Passed Errors
    Test 0 [Address test, walking ones, 1 CPU] 4/4 (100%) 0
    Test 1 [Address test, own address, 1 CPU] 4/4 (100%) 0
    Test 2 [Address test, own address] 4/4 (100%) 0
    Test 3 [Moving inversions, ones & zeroes] 3/4 (75%) 1
    Test 4 [Moving inversions, 8-bit pattern] 1/4 (25%) 5
    Test 5 [Moving inversions, random pattern] 2/4 (50%) 2
    Test 6 [Block move, 64-byte blocks] 4/4 (100%) 0
    Test 7 [Moving inversions, 32-bit pattern] 1/4 (25%) 10
    Test 8 [Random number sequence] 2/4 (50%) 2
    Test 9 [Modulo 20, ones & zeros] 3/3 (100%) 0
    Test 10 [Bit fade test, 2 patterns, 1 CPU] 2/2 (100%) 0
    Test 13 [Hammer test] 1/1 (100%) 0
    Last 10 Errors
    2019-09-18 06:32:30 - [Data Error] Test: 8, CPU: 2, Address: 12224680, Expected: DF625626, Actual: CF625626
    2019-09-18 06:24:07 - [Data Error] Test: 7, CPU: 11, Address: 65F94B18, Expected: FEFFFFFF, Actual: EEFFFFFF
    2019-09-18 05:31:55 - [Data Error] Test: 3, CPU: 2, Address: 12224680, Expected: FFFFFFFF, Actual: EFFFFFFF

    This document certifies that the Tests described above have been carried out by a suitably qualified technician on the System described above.

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    MSI afterburner has it's own set of bugs, but it does look like the RAM is bad.

    See also


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      thanks for the fast reply and help,

      just trying hard to avoid returning the rams as i mentioned above it's gonna be a damn hard task to do, i just ran windows memory diagnostic tool, and it came out without errors and passed the test, does this actually change anything with the results or is there a way to fix the rams?


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        and one more thing, i have made the test using both A-XMP profiles 1&2 and even disabled the profiles, maybe if i adjust the timings my self i can fix this? or you dont recommend such a thing, or my first results are final and there is nothing i can do to fix it?


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          Yes, sometimes you can get the RAM stable by running the RAM at a lower speed (turning off XMP, or manually underclocking it), or by slightly increasing the voltage levels.
          This is hiding the problem, not fixing it. But maybe it is enough?
          But often the RAM is bad in such a way that no amount of tweaking will fix it.

          Try testing 1 stick at a time.