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Number of SPDs does not meet the number required error

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  • Number of SPDs does not meet the number required error

    I recently purchased memtest86 Pro and am having problem with the cfg file. I keep getting this error:
    Cannot start test. The number of SPDs ( 8 ) does not meet the number required (0) as specified in the the config file (EXACTSPDS)
    You may need to check the installed DIMMS or revise the EXACTSPDS parameter in the configuration file. This can be done from the Memtest86 menu.
    I keep changing the value of 'Exact SPDs required for testing: Disabled', and changing the minimum required to 1, but it always reverts back to Minimum: Disabled/Exact: 0. The only time I have been able to make it happy was setting the Exact to 8, but I want to disable that parameter, not have a fixed number. I have tried through both the memtest menu and through mt86.cfg directly, neither having any success.

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    Yes, there is a bug when saving the config file via MemTest86 when disabling EXACTSPDS. This has been fixed for the next patch release (Version 8.3).

    As a workaround in the meantime, you will need to edit the mt86.cfg file and remove the 'EXACTSPDS' entry every time you want to disable EXACTSPDS and save the mt86.cfg file.