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    I was running memtest86 and everything was running fine until the 3rd pass test 8, where it came up with 27000 errors (see picture). I’m trying to diagnose the bad module by swapping out two modules at a time. What I’m wondering is can I skip all the previous tests and directly go to the 3rd pass and test 8 to see if I get the same errors ? It would save me a lot more time, or do I need to wait and run the first and second passes first.

    Also, just to confirm, the errors do look like bad memory right ?

    Thanks !
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    Yes, looks like bad RAM.
    No, there is no way to just skip to the 3rd pass. Sorry.
    But can can setup MemTest86 to just run Test #8. So that might work. (unless the fault is time related somehow, like with heat build up)