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  • David (PassMark)
    Might be related to temperature, electromagnetic interference, power supply fluctuations, or some other external factor. If is was a intermittent connection in the socket then even vibration might effect it.

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  • chrisd11
    started a topic Errors changed

    Errors changed

    I have a 2010 macbook that was having issues. I ran the built in hardware test (quick pass) and came up with a RAM error. Reseated and re-ran, same issue. I narrowed down the stick that had the issue. Before requesting an RMA I decided to test with MemTest. On the first run it came with 86+ errors and I mistakenly sopped the test half way through. I re-ran and this time only discovered 2 errors after a full 4 passes. I went back into Mac's hardware test and ran a quick as well as full test. Now there are no errors found. Any idea what would cause errors to disappear? The ram had not been reseated between the 86 and 2 error tests.