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  • reports on legasy systems

    I wonder if a non UEFI system can still report in the memtest86 Pro Edition?

    (I understand that the new version won't support non-UEFI boot)
    This feature is crucial for automation and testing our old PCs in the domain.

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    V5 of MemTest only supports machines with UEFI BIOS. It can also write out test reports to a file on the disk.

    V4 only supports machines with older traditional BIOS. In old BIOS there is no support for disk access and no way to write a report to the disk. This has been the case for MemTest86 for the last 20 year. It it only with UEFI that we get access to the disk.

    Both V4 and V5 are bundled into the same self booting solution. We have set it up so that the right version will be booted automatically based on the BIOS available.