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Should memtest run on Mac too?

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  • Should memtest run on Mac too?


    I've got a 32 bit Intel iMac from 2006 with Tiger 10.4 running.
    Memtest shows the text only bootup sequence (detecting hardware) but after that the screen goes blank.
    I use version 8.3
    any idea?
    is memtest designed to run on mac too?

    Edit: Memtest86 4.37 runs from CD but not from USB. Odd. But my problem is solved
    Well. It only detects (and tests?) 3 GB. MacOS reports 4 GB of RAM.
    Background: The Mac got a 64 bit Core2Duo but only 32bit EFI. It is said to not be able to run MacOS 64bit. The issue regarding 3 or 4 GB of RAM is known too. No idea about the consequences.


    btw. this hardware detection sequence is incredible slow on several machines. is this by design or is something wrong? old versions took only a few seconds to boot up instead of minutes?!
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    Yes, it should work on Macs.
    These really old Mac's might of only had a partial implementation of UEFI BIOS. So using V4 might be better (V4 was for traditional BIOS).

    Boot sequence from CD will be a lot slower than a USB boot.