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MemTest86 - channel Mode

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  • MemTest86 - channel Mode

    Hi everyone - silly question, is there a place I can see if I'm running single/dual/quad channel mode for the memory?

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    Not in the current release of MemTest86 (V8.4).


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      I couldnt find the value in MemTest86 and I remember it was there so I kept looking, to my suprise it was just removed :0 Can we know the reason why it has been removed? or is it coming back? I guess one way to figuring it out would be to look at the read bandwidth. But since Im not knowledgeable in the subject, Im having hard time to draw a conclusion. While the default test is running I can see the bandwidth difference when testing 1 stick vs 2 sticks, example "Memory : 8026M 10.7GB/s" but when I run benchmark via main menu, I dont see the difference on the chart produced there. So that got me thinking that maybe info displayed while running default test is "expected" bandwith? or maybe Im just overhtinking...


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        Nothing was removed. It was never there.

        There is far too much speed variation between CPUs and different types of RAM to guess if it is in dual channel mode from just the MB/Sec speed (for arbitrary random hardware).

        But as part of the recent memory address decode work we have been doing. It might be possible to add this info in the future for some platforms.