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Memtest86 repeated two time, with different results.

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  • Memtest86 repeated two time, with different results.

    Hi, i have run the Memetest86 (usb boot) for two times, after having a suspicious bsod episode.

    The first memtest reported 1 error at test 9 at step 4/4. The 4 steps ended with this single error.

    I repeated memtest a second time, without having changed any bios settings, this time it finished the 4 steps without any errors.

    How can I interpret it?

    I wouldn't want to go crazy testing XD testing

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    RAM might be marginal. (Just on the edge or working / not working).
    If it was just a single BSOD I would ignore it until you see a couple more.
    If the problem does continue you could try lowing the RAM clock speeds in BIOS to get it stable or replace the RAM.


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      There were 3 blue screens in the space of a month. Each occurred without a specific event.
      It could also be a software problem related to windows or drivers.

      To be safe I did a clean installation of windows with updated drivers. I ran memtest HCI from windows and it went through 2000% with no errors. I remade memtest86 from usb with no errors.

      I'll see if some blue screen reappears over time.