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First Use of Memtest86+

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  • First Use of Memtest86+

    My computer has begun to run slowly in the last few days. Here's my setup: I run Kubuntu 20.04 on an Intel i7 chip and with 64G memory (DDR4 2666MHz). Using VMware Workstation, I also run a Windows 10 Pro VM. I have 32G of RAM allocated to each. Both the Linux box and the Windows VM are running more slowly; the slowdown is more apparent in Windows.
    I've tested the "usual suspects"--how many programs are running, what resources they are consuming, etc. Nothing appears out of the ordinary. So I began to suspect a memory problem. I ran memtest through three passes, and it came up with no errors. That is obviously good. It also reported the following:
    CPUs Found: 12
    CPUs Started: 6
    CPUs Active: 6

    That may be good. The problem is that as a noob to the program, I don't understand exactly what it is telling me. Can someone (begin to) straighten me out? Many thanks. Apologies for the long post.

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    Which version of memtest are you using? There is ours and there open source version with a similar name.

    MemTest86 can only run on physical cores and not hyperthreads, so it is normal to see the number of CPUs running is less than the number of CPUs found.

    On the Pro version you can edit the config file to enable this.


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      Thank you. That explains a lot.