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Ryzen 3 3200G / Gigabyte B450 AORUS M - System Hard Locking

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  • Ryzen 3 3200G / Gigabyte B450 AORUS M - System Hard Locking

    Having a few stability issues with the system I've ran other bootable RAM testing utilises which indicate no errors.

    Only thing I have found is that when running a default scan [multicore enabled] the system will typically hard lock within a couple of minis and require a hard reboot to resolve.

    Memtest86 Build: v9.1 Free
    CPU: Ryzen 3 3200G
    Motherboard: Gigabyte [BIOS: 61c <latest>]
    RAM:32GB [x2 16GB] PNY XLR8 DDR4 3200MHz

    I've forced it to run on core 0 and it seems to run fine although only pass 1 is completed currently where as prior the longest period was approx 9 mins before hard lock.

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    There is this known problem with multi-threading (some BIOS has threading bugs);

    But normally the fault would occur faster than 9min. Can you repeat the test with just 1 stick of RAM (then the other stick).

    You could also send us the debug log if you like.


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      Hello David,
      Due to my new account I couldn't update post to update on my troubleshooting findings.

      So with both sticks installed but running on dual channel single CPU core mode the RAM test completes the 4 passes without issue after about 8 hours. I also tried both sticks in channel bundle A, and B under 4 cores with the hard lock anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 mins after starting.

      With a single stick installed running on all 4 cores the test passes on each slot without issue.

      I will forward the debug log(s) as suggested.


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        So seems to just a problem when you have a combination of dual channel mode and multiple cores under load. (basically the normally operating mode for a PC).

        I don't suppose you have a spare set of RAM to try?


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          I've got some other different brand DDR4 sticks arriving later today from Amazon. I'll advise later


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            We had a quick look at the logs, and they show the only test run that completed successfully was in single CPU mode (despite your comments above).
            This makes the lockup in multi-threaded mode more likely to be a BIOS bug. See the link I previously posted.

            Plus there were a few of these warnings in the log.
            2021-05-24 16:50:33 - RunMemoryRangeTest - CPU #1 completed but did not signal (test time = 815ms, event wait time = 1001ms, result = Success) (BSP test time = 831ms)

            "Completed but did not signal" indicates that the test thread never informed the main thread that it finished cleanly. So it's state is ambiguous (this is generally due to a BIOS bug).


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              Hello David - following up. So on a gut feeling I purchased some Crucial Ballistix BL2K16G32C16U4B 3200 MHz to replace the previous PNY XLR8 DDR4 3200MHz - complete 5 4 cycle passes without a single stability problem or error. I have since reverted back into TrueNAS and completed 5 scrub scans across the ZFS pool - all completed without issue where as before the system would Kernel panic and restart itself within 45mins or so. So it appears it was faulty RAM rather than an BIOS bug. Frustrating little bug.


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                Glad you sorted it out.