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    Hello! So recently I started getting multiple BSOD per day (mostly MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD) so I decided to test my RAM. I did every test 8 times, these were the results (I had to do 2x4 because I was using free version): Here I failed tests 7 and 8. The summary tells me it's CPU test And here I failed tests 8 and 9, also CPU test.

    Does this mean my CPU is the problem?


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    Where is says "CPUs in error", this isn't the best wording, as it is open to misinterpretation.
    We are going to change the text in the next software release to something more like, "CPUs active when RAM error occurred".

    It is very likely you have bad RAM.
    See this page


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      So I tested both RAM sticks individually, 1 stick gave me error message early on. I changed the RAM slots on the motherboard, still got the error message. Ended up taking the stick out, so far no more crashes.


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        Glad you sorted it out.
        A lot of quality RAM has lifetime warranty. So you might be able to return it for new RAM, even if years old.


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          The store where I bought my PC's components gave me 2 year warranty, almost 3 years has passed now. I'm not sure if Corsair can do anything about it, I bought the RAM from a local electronics store.


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            Corsair Warranty Periods by Product

            "All DRAM memory modules have a limited lifetime warranty"